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areas of practice

RWBH specializes in labour and employment law, representing clients in both the private and public sector. We offer advocacy and consulting services, as well as seminars, in the following areas:

  • Labour Relations including all types of proceedings before Labour Boards
  • Grievance Arbitration
  • Interest Arbitration
  • Disciplinary matters for Regulated Health Professionals including representation at the College of Nurses, the College of Pharmacists, the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists and at the Health Professions Appeal Review Board
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • Construction Labour Law
  • Human Rights
  • Workers’ Compensation including the WSIB and the WSIAT
  • Long term disability benefits and pensions
  • Employment Standards
  • Employment Insurance
  • Judicial Review and Appeals
  • Charter of Rights and Constitutional matters
  • Wrongful and Constructive Dismissal matters for non-unionized workers
  • Privacy Law and Freedom of Information
  • Inquiries and Inquests
  • Public Policy Consultation
  • Injunctions
  • College of Social work
  • College of Midwives